It Doesn’t Apply to Me

How many of us have read or listened to the story of the Rich Young Ruler and felt that the young man really lost a chance for happiness with our Lord?  How many also have identified that the young man was greedy, desired the affection of his lady friend and wasn’t dedicated to the Lord?

Naturally, I feel the same.

However, as much as we hold this young man in contempt for holding on to his possessions, why do we also continue to do what we do?  Have we changed as a result of the story?  Do we feel this only applies to those who are exceeding rich and thus, not us?

Sure, remember the young guy said he had followed and obeyed all the commandments from his young as a good guy.  Now, you and I know that to really do this would be impossible, but that wasn’t even the issue with Jesus.  Jesus didn’t challenge him on that level.

Quite simply he told him to go and sell all he had and divide it among the poor of which you and I know that the young man failed to do.

And so it also is with us.  We will fail to do it too and are in the same category as the rich young ruler.  We like to gloat at him for his failings, but spare ourselves.  After all, we all know it doesn’t apply to us.


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