The Curse of the Blessing

Carol was a straight A student, a junior at high school and was beautiful. On junior-senior prom night, her proud father handed Carol the keys to her brand new car.  It was his gift to her for her accomplishments in school.

That night while returning from the prom, Carol lost control of her vehicle, landed in a ditch and finally rested after crashing into a tree.

The first time I met her was in her senior year at the beginning of school.  She arrived at school lying prone, yet face up and was extremely tearful and bitter.  This bright, beautiful young lady was paralyzed from the neck now and probably would be for life.

At the moment, she didn’t see any real reason for living and felt all her remaining days would be dark.  At age 18 it was difficult to counter anything she said.

Her problems, as she related the story all began with the ‘Blessing’ of the car from her dad.

This curse changed her entire life and now she felt if she had the choice, she’d reverse her prior longing for the gift that meant so much to her when she received it.  Her life was ruined and Carol reminds all of us not to instruct God on what it is that we really need.  At times, those items we believe are a blessing are really nothing but the worst curse from hell.  Trust God to know the difference.



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