When you were young and in Love

Come on, guys.  I know you remember those days.  You were young and more or less felt you had found ‘true love’.  In those days most every waking moment was in thinking about the other person you thought was going to make life wonderful and complete.

No matter the distance or circumstances for the man.  He found a way to be with the girl of his dreams.  There was no stopping him nor nothing short in promises.  He promised it ALL the same as the girl.

The question I ask here is: How many of us have this same zeal in our Love for the Lord.  How many of us let nothing stop us in meeting with him either in prayer or in service to others?

How many of us are consumed with our thoughts on our dedication to our maker and His Son?

For when it comes to the guy–He doesn’t care how much time it takes or how much money is involved.  He’ll do ANYTHING to please the girl.

And the girl, well she doesn’t see any imperfections at the time.  That comes later.  For any shortcomings we simply overlook it and make a simple excuse.

How true is this for those of us who approach the church and our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Do we overlook faults?

Do we hold things back from our Lord, from His church?  Do we obsess the same as we do for a boy or girl?

Of course not.  We don’t.  We have grown much more conservative and now hold things back.  In particular, our passions.  Yet, our goal should be to focus on our Lord and His church—in building His church and in performing that mission we have but one objective and that is to approach it as a young child.

And as a young child we should remember how we felt:  How we did things back then when we were young and in love.


10 thoughts on “When you were young and in Love

  1. As the church in Ephesus did, we do. We left our first love. Jesus tells us what to do: remember from where we have fallen; repent, and do the things we did when we were first in love with Him. May we return to Jesus and His great, great love!

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  2. Hmm, I have had this same thought process….I do remember how I fell head over heals in love for my husband. When the LORD finally got my attention, He felt like the Knight in Shining Armor, arriving on a white horse! And it was a deep love! Sadly, I divorced my husband after 13 years (because he didn’t want to “join” a church…fortunately, my Knight in Shining Armor held me close to HIM and HE restored our marriage and our lives to serve HIM. And I did step away from my Knight a few times….He was always waiting for me to return to my senses and repented….


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