My grace is sufficient unto you in thy weakness

Paul teaches us here in this lesson that our greatest strength involves surrendering our entire person to God.  As humans, we struggle to maintain control over our will=–a will that is mostly for self-determinism. Self-determinism is opposite to God’s calling so thus, we must practice at times to obtain this status.

Even casual studies of the bible indicate that the Lord calls upon broken vessels for His purposes. Where we might wish we were strong, our strength should come from submission to God’s will for us.

This is counter to common sense, yet this biblical truth empowers us as spiritual creatures for our spirit man to grow.

So then, it is really not us who is performing the acting fighting of the spiritual wars on this earth, it is our Lord Jesus.

Our task then becomes simple: we are to submit, act unto obedience of Jesus’ words and trust HIM for the outcome.

And naturally, this is the hard part because WE want to dictate what good or bad consequences are. To that extent we think we know better than God and desire to think for HIM.

This is a learning, growing experience to trust Jesus more and more as we strive to serve him.  And although we believe we are nothing (and this is true), and can do nothing, we can do all things through Him that strengthens us.  This energy is generated by our power of weakness.


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