Contrary to popular belief, all little babies are not cute.  No, not at all.  Some are so ugly that they have a face that only a mother could love.

Some of us as well have a face that could stop a clock.  Some so darn bad it would seem that Medusa were still alive.

This concept of beauty if so great that most believe that Beauty is skin deep, while ugly is BONE DEEP.

And so as shallow people, we proclaim the Beauty and the Beast all in one breathe. And too, as judges of the world we gloss over all the good as well as the bad.

In keeping with these worldly values, we carry this over to other realms as well.  We tell someone they are smart.  This is all good, but they didn’t make themselves smart.  God did.

The same as many people who are gifted in sports or music or even physics or any other endeavor.

We compliment people over traits that God gave them and condemn those who were endowed with little.

Thus, we blame the poor for being poor

We blame victims of many things such as robbery for being robbed

In other words, we praise those who inherited things from birth and condemn those who have little.

I find this all so very puzzling.

For many, rich people are considered to be the ‘good’ people and the bad people are the poor.

Even in schools, Good students are those who make A’s and Bad Students are those who underperform.

For those who are born into wealth we often treasure them as being Royal or some other special group.

As Christians we should all see ourselves as value.  We are beautiful in this sense.  God can see and measure the goodness of our hearts.

At least in this area, we have control for we control the desires of our own passions.

And while nothing is going to change the views of the present day world, we will get beyond the harshness the cruelness of having a Face that only a MOTHER  can love.


  1. This is well said. As Christians we’re called to love all the “ugly faces,” because Christ first loved our own.

    I think women might be a bit better at that, because not all babies are cute and some are a real pain in the neck to boot. Men, too! Then we have our attractions to ugly dogs, something that is so common there are actual competitions. There’s a reason why we say, “a face only a mother could love.” 🙂

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