A Nickel short and a Day Late

Try as we might, isn’t this really how we come across to other people and in the end we are forced to admit that ‘We are only human’?

And by declaring our humanness we actually build-in an excuse not to be able to perform to perfection.

I have said this time and again:  “Give it all you got and it will be enough.”

Heck:  this may not even be true, but it is enough in terms of what we can do.  The Lord, I believe wants us to give it our all.

Think about:

The times you said too much, yet didn’t really know what to say

The times you really didn’t know what to do

The times when you wish you could have un-done what you did.

The times when all seems insane

The times when you’d wish that God would whisper in your ear for instruction

And the Times when you wish God would scream out his thoughts to you.

And how about all those other times when all of us

Wish to be heard but not be told

You see we are all in good company here for this is characteristic of ALL people

Whereas our attempts will always be just a little beneath the bar, our efforts are necessary nonetheless.

It makes the difference if one starves or not: If one dies or not

Can you imagine parents failing to teach their children because they’d only come up short?

Of course, not.

And so it is too with the matters of God.

We will NOT pass the standard, but nonetheless, we are to proclaim the Good News and to perform the Good News.  And as short as it is: failures and all it is all to the success of the Glory of God.  While it will fall short here on earth, to God it will be enough for we gave it all.


One thought on “A Nickel short and a Day Late

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    316 words is all this post is. I checked twice. Because in just 316 words, TF brings something profound I rarely hear and see.

    We ARE enough!

    See what you think 316 words from now …



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