Talking about me in the front of my back

As horrible as the Truth may be, it is much better than words behind one’s back.  Backstabbers created turmoil and pain.  Much suffering is generated because of this, often because of nothing more than mere gossip.


Words HURT words PIERCE and can break spirits.  This is especially true for young ones who depend on the guidance of adults.

Words like:

You’re stupid

You’re ugly

You’ll never amount to anything

Why can’t you be smart like your sister…brother…next door neighbor or anyone else we are compared to

The opposite is also true. Word can elevate and build us up

Yet, most of us focus on the negative.

We say things like:  yes, but kindda, almost good, average so-so, or even such as “It’s not bad.”

Telling a woman, for example that a shirt she’s wearing is hideous is dangerous for anyone to admit, but it is good stuff to the receiver

It shows that you love people.  Honesty is a treasure upon which one can build.

Again, I’m not speaking of cruelty here.  You know the kind where people say, “Well, I just want to be honest.” No, they want to be hurtful and cruel

How about the people who said, “Can I be honest with you?”  And inside we think:  Why have you been lying any other time?

Yet, the form that comes in malicious speech is generally delivered to us behind our backs.  People who do so lack integrity to say so face-to-face.  Thus, they speak actually in front of our backs as we are not able to defend these stupid words.

And in Actuality I would much rather for all of you to remain silent if you can’t honestly say that “I LOVE YOU”.  And in the absence of your silence you’ll speak in the front of my back.

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