And Where is Your Heart? (We probably aren’t that Bad)

King David is described as a man after God’s own Heart.

Let’s see now.  This is a man who killed thousands of people.  This is a man who committed murder and adultery and a man who several times broke God’s laws.  This is a man just as human and frail and you and me and so then let’s see how we compare.

Obviously no one is going to suggest that David did not love God.  Not only is it obvious that David loved God, but he also explains to us that he loved his laws and his company and his Holy Spirit.  David demonstrates this in psalms and in songs and in music to include dance.

Aside from David’s courage—driven by a simple faith, but we know that David was quick to respond to God’s dictates and to also ask for forgiveness when he screwed up.

Now then:  how do we stack up.  Okay, let’s say that we fail on the courage part.  I know I won’t attack a lion with nothing but a slingshot.  The same is true in terms of addressing a raging giant. You can also cut out that part (no pun intended) for the removal of 1000 foreskins from reluctant donors In order to please his girlfriend.

Alright some of us have been divorced just as David.  Yeah, I know.  The bible doesn’t speak of his divorce but then again he had more than one wife.

Some of us write and sing and dance for God and too, once in awhile we probably do obey his commands.

Now here is where perhaps all of us come to light.

I believe we all love the Lord.  We love Jesus and hate it when he’s not around. Now then: in this sense I believe we can actually be compared to David and perhaps hold a candle to him.

And in that capacity too perhaps our Lord will speak affectingly of us that we: are a people after God’s own heart.


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