Where to discover GOD:  In search of

Most people would probably say to those searching for God for them to get on their knees and to pray themselves into salvation. And while I’m not speaking against this I believe in a more direct way and one that accounts for biblical authority.

For those who search for GOD they should really go no further than to YOU.  Your earthly body is home to the Holy Spirit imparted by our Lord Himself and thus, you are a member of Christ—a direct link to the Father.  This is NOT to say that you are GOD, it is to say that the good in you is an identical image of God and reveal through His fruits.

Think about it.  We did not become Christians within a vacuum.  We became Christians somewhere along the line due to the transfer of testimony—a transfer of testimony that can be traced directly from the disciples and the very words of Christ!

This transfer is not a result of some ethereal, creepy or hidden ‘spiritual’ ordeal.  NO. It came from direct flesh and guts—boots on the ground so to speak.  The event of Jesus is very earthly in real terms.

Jesus now is personified through you and me. If a wayward child is to be received by God then he should go through you.  There the searcher should see God beaming through your words and actions.  That is all of it in a nutshell.  Either God is there or He is not.

And for all of you would wish to escape your responsibility you can do two things as most do today:  The first is that you can direct the person to the Bible.  And the second, you can point your finger to the Heavens.

And in both cases you are more or less correct, but more importantly you are also dead wrong.

You are dead wrong as we the Christians are to be the salt of this earth.  We are to be the bearers of the Good News and we are to introduce God to the world.

You don’t feel up to the task?  Don’t feel left out.  However, we are still to obey our Lord and present Him to the world through us.  It is our task, our job, our duty and to that effect, as lowly or as bad an example that we may be if the world is to be introduced to Christ—it will be by our witness for all of those who search for GOD.


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