What Would You Say If You Met Jesus Walking on the Street?

Now this is really, really, really a hard one.  It’s not exactly as if I’d ask Him for His autograph or anything. I’m sure I wouldn’t ask Him about His wife and Kids or any other ‘human’ type of salutation

In fact, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t even say anything at all and would probably simply rush out and hug him. I would think Jesus would think I’m some kind of crazy guy out meeting some kind of ‘rock star’ or another, but in real terms, meeting Jesus isn’t exactly a normal occurrence.

With prep time, I’m sure I’d approach Jesus with more in mind for listening than for saying anything at all. I’m sure of that.  But for those of you like me I really have a ton of questions I’d like to ask Him.

I’d like to know where he has been for the past 2,000 Years

I’d also like to know if he could now fill us in on about how long this world is even going to be around.

I’d like to know how long he was staying this time.

There’s about another 2 million or so questions I’d have, but I’d be too timid or fearful about asking.  After all, this is the Son of God and here I am a mere lowly person taking up His time with stupid questions.

Now then for all of us who are actually grateful, I’m sure we’d all like to THANK Him for giving up His life for us.  Jesus forfeiting his life was in fact a biggie.  That was really no small task.

I guess it might be warranted to ask if He was either hungry or thirsty or even had a place to stay.  I’m sure He doesn’t hang around church very much so He probably would really need a place to hang out.  I hope he’d feel welcome with me and my friends.  I’d also hope you’d want to come along as well.  And for now whenever I really want to meet Jesus I have to go to the LEAST OF THEM in order to find Him.  I hope that in the process, I remember too to HUG them as well.  And to think that we can meet Jesus every day of our lives.


2 thoughts on “What Would You Say If You Met Jesus Walking on the Street?

  1. What a neat thought, brother! I often wonder how we’ll all interact in Heaven, especially with Christ. If I saw Him on the street I think I would be unable to do anything more than fall at His feet and weep. If I could ask Him any question I would ask what I’ve often asked in prayer…there are so many better options, why save a wretch like me? Thank you for this post, it turned my eyes towards the kingdom! God bless you, friend!

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  2. What a lovely post. I love how you would ask him if he needed anything. I’ve thought about this before. What would I say? What would I ask? I’ve come up blank. I don’t really have any unanswered questions anymore. I would love to just listen to him.

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