Playing the Part of ‘Left Out’

Some of us will remember as kids playing ball of some kind where they had to choose up sides. The worst guys around were never chosen as the good parts went to the talented kids.

The identical scenario would occur at school for say the Spelling Bee or Math or a school play or perhaps even, a school dance.  Once again your ‘role’ was ‘left out’ as you were never chosen.

Everyone knows that kids can be painfully cruel.  And when a child is ‘left out’ it hurts and hurts badly.  Some untalented kids are locked out of everything.

Compassion is the ability or at least the attempt to care and understand other people’s pain.  Sadly many do not have compassion and those many children who are ‘left out’ are force to fend for themselves.

As an adult you continue to carry that scar over the tribulations of your youth.  You still harbor hurt and grief over how you were treated.  And to our delight we all know Jesus never plays left out for he is all inclusive.

And this is where the Christian steps in to also call all those on the outside off the perimeter into the fold of the flock.  No one should ever be ‘left out’ among Christians.

So then, when I am that creep that did that to you or do so even now, then I ask for forgiveness.  Our hearts should always extend outward to others to invite them into our own personal spirits.  And those spirits should be loving spirits and one that never pushes away.

The world as we know it will continue to leave many out of their inner-circles but this should never happen among the saints.  And while we can’t erase your past and remove all the harm that was done to you, we can provide opportunities for fellowship in the present tense and in the future.  Our goal should all be the same:  We should ensure that everyone is part of the ‘in’ crowd, leaving no one ever ‘left out.’

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