You are NOT who YOU Are

Verily verily I say unto you that a man must be born again…

By the very nature of what Jesus explains to us, we must become new or a new creature in order to inherit the kingdom of God.

Perhaps the completion of this birthing process will be finalized once we receive our gloried bodies, but really we aren’t told.

It seems the regeneration process Paul speaks about is not a total one as none of us are 100% transformed repeatedly over and over again. In fact, the core of US is always there just as we were way back when.  Our attitude towards God is changed, but the overall ingredients of our selves remain the same.

That is why we are not who we are.  In fact, you could say that in very real terms we are somewhat impostors.  At least we have what I would refer to as a rent-a-suit physical for the here and now, but will be vastly different in heaven.

Check it out if you will.  A spiritual body, if you will doesn’t require food.  Yes, we know that Jesus ate but that doesn’t mean that he required it. Aches and pains will be no more nor will we feel the longings or urges presented to us by our bodies. IF the Holy Spirit is anyway similar then we know that we will be able to ‘feel’ as the Holy Spirit can grieve and certainly we know that in our spiritual body that we can experience joy and peace.

Okay then.  So we are here in this world only temporarily with a ‘rented’ physical body and for now, we are only somewhat of a trainee so as to get ready and fit to enter the kingdom.

That does make me wonder how I will know you when we enter and join God’s family.  What traits of us will there be in order to tell us who is who?

Too, in a way, WE will cease to exist as the person we will BECOME will be far greater than we could have even imagined while dwelling here on earth.

In the meanwhile I’ll accept ME for whoever I am and you as well. The hope of the future is that we are able to commune and fellowship with those too that we came to know here on this earth. I know we can trust God in knowing who we are in whatever meta-morphed shape we are in:  either here or in heaven.



3 thoughts on “You are NOT who YOU Are

  1. You are so right about being a new person in Jesus. I think we will be eating in heaven since Jesus said he wouldn’t drink the cup or eat the bread until we sit down to eat with him there. In the Revelation, it describes the Tree of Life in heaven. It has 12 different kinds of fruit on it, which sounds fantastic. Whatever it is like there, we will love it and be so happy. I’m really looking forward to being there.

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