God is dead Nietzsche

The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche first said that “God was dead” in 1882.  Of course, Nietzsche wasn’t really saying literally that God was dead, only that the inhumanity of society had killed his influence.  How much more is it said today that God should step aside when God has been pulled from our public school systems and the ongoing fight between church and state in contemporary times?

Consider your own life.  Is God dead to you in your day-to-day living?  Is God dead because you killed him, prevented Him from entering your personality?

Perhaps a more careful examination would reveal that in fact, God is not dead at all.  A more introspective analysis would clearly state that rather than God being dead, it is we who are dead to God.

More than likely we are the ones who have become beaten down by society, the pressures of being an adult, by our egos leading us astray.  Some of us have even become bullet proof when it comes to emotions.

We deny our wrongs, deny our emotions and go after the pleasure zones within our minds as a safety net.  In short, we attempt to buy time.

In buying time we point our fingers at others and all their wickedness.  Over and over again, we wail at injustice, envy, greed and deceitfulness while all the while, denying our own.

Those few moments when we do approach God, what is it we ask?  Do we ask for justice, demand justice or do we beg for mercy?  When the injustice involves others, is that when we demand justice and only ask for mercy when our name is on the line?

The logical approach is to fully surrender to God.  Instead, we continue to kill God over again many times until we don’t even recognize the honorable trait of goodness at all.

We have cloaked and disguised our voices, our personalities, and motives. While walking with others, we put on the appearance of being good and in the same breath curse those who are immediately at hand, claiming how much smarter we are then they are.

Isn’t it great to seem so noble to ourselves and to others?  Isn’t it grand that we live a lie and deny our very creator and the laws He taught us.

If God is to remain alive in this world it will be because of the reflection people see in us.  If God, through his son, the Christ is to prevail it is because of just Christians who go out on a limb to proclaim it and also to actually live it.

How else is God to be alive to this world?  How else are those who disbelieve to believe that which is real and that which is not?

If God is real as we proclaim it through the teachings and belief in his son, Jesus, then it is only by the living example he has in us.  I am afraid to this effect, most of us, to include myself, have failed.

There is a time to either put up or shut up.  That time is always.  It is never too soon to act on our beliefs.  The net conclusion should be is that God is alive, vibrant and promising to all who reach out to him through us, his church.


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