God’s Name is NOT GOD

The word ‘God’ is a position and not a name.  Such as is the case of our president.  The position of President is just that.  It is not a name in itself.

Okay, now I’m not going into the history of how or why it changed, but for all practical purposes, God’s name was changed due to translation.

God’s Hebrew translated name is of course, Yahweh.  By Jewish custom (and law) God’s name was not spoken as it was considered forbidden due to the fact that God was holy.

Our God’s name is probably better positioned as:  Yahweh Elohim.  And yes, I realize that the spelling does vary from group to group.  Also in translation, God’s name was changed over and over again to “LORD” or “THE LORD” where the Hebrew states Yahweh.

Why does this matter?  In some ways perhaps it doesn’t.  But in other ways I see it as extremely important.  Think about the personal aspects of it.  What if someone or even God referred to you with a generic name?  And too, how are we to call upon the name of the Lord if we don’t even know His name?

The same is true with Jesus whose real name is: Yahwasua.  How are we to ask anything in His name if we don’t even really know His name?

Really, what I’m asserting is that for those of us who go to church at least our teachers should teach us what our Father and His Son’s name really is.  This should be fundamental.

11 thoughts on “God’s Name is NOT GOD

  1. I have heard a bits of this kind of thing over time but never really bothered to look any deeper. You are right though sir, we should really take the time to learn their names, especially if we are his children. Will be looking deeper into this. Thanks for posting T.F

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  2. Some times… some people go by the name of their position as if it were their name.

    I might refer to the sheriff as “Sheriff” – even address him directly as such. I am less likely to refer to my teacher as “teacher”, but that is not unheard of. And for that matter, “Christ” is not a name either. In fact, it functions just like my example of “sheriff” at that level.

    Pastor, Deacon, Brother… I could go on and on… Coach, Officer, Dad, Mom, Father, Uncle, Mayor…

    Then there is the matter that we monotheists believe God is the only one of this kind. Thus we capitalize God with an upper case G.

    I have no reason to believe God is offended.

    Nevertheless… you are correct. “God” is not his name.

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  3. People should know that there is only One true God Divine Creator, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah. And it is that Holy Name what should become known all over the world and the lovers of God should worship only That God Who is a Spirit and Who is One: Jehovah.

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