The lie of the Importance of SELF

In the United States, the first push for the importance of Self began with Benjamin McLane Spock (May 2, 1903 – March 15, 1998) Baby and Child Care (1946).

Dr Spock taught that children should be cuddled, were of primary importance to the family and that their egos had to be protected from criticism.

This first wave of Dr. Spock and his philosophy spilled over with the baby boom era that produced the brat-hood era of the 60s.

While some good came out of the 60s the bad was a mixed-bag of a sense of entitlement from little rich white kids, proliferation of drugs, wild music, free-love/sex and a general sense of victim-hood.

The emphasis focused on children over adults, where family size narrowed to only 2.2 children per family from a family of 6 and more only years before.

Next, God and prayer was removed from the schools followed by people’s removal from church.

Suddenly the women’s movement demanded attention over race relations and more laws were changed.

The fragile EGOS of the baby boomers sank into despair with more drugs, divorce and decadence and even advanced with Roe vs. Wade granting abortion.

As everyone has experienced, now everyone is considered a victim, the church and the Bible is described as a joke and America has dipped into a morass of moral decay with daily multiple shootings and other crimes.

Sure, Dr. Spock later admitted that all he did was succeed in raising a nation of brats and that he was wrong, but by then, the damage was done.

Now then, we can see what happens when biblical principles and the scriptures are removed from a society.

We see broken people, broken homes, broken institutions, broken business and a nation unable to function due to sickness and decay.

We have succeeded in teaching the importance of self where others on earth simply don’t matter.  The ever-present ego “I” is there and that is all.

And the ego demands gratification by whatever means it can obtain it.

Naturally we have sex and drugs and videos and music and robbery and theft and killing and lying and cheating and distrust to the point where most people in this society are down right sick and a bore to be around.

The obvious duty of Christians is to induce a counter-attack to the attack to Christianity and to God.

The counter-attack comes and should be promoted by example, by teaching and by refusing to capitulate to the demands of a mutated society that is falling due to it’s own ills and woes.

If there were any good time for Christians to place assault on society it is now.  Now is the time to claim ownership of the good news of Jesus so that America can return to the roots of it’s Christian heritage and serve again under the auspices of God.


2 thoughts on “The lie of the Importance of SELF

  1. “Now is the time to claim ownership of the good news of Jesus so that America can return to the roots of it’s Christian heritage and serve again under the auspices of God.”

    Tom, this my just be me. That linkage between God and Country (or Queen/King and Country as we say over here). Wasn’t it that that linkage – Rome and all that followed – which began the slippery slope you describe? I get uncomfortable when we make God fit a culture.

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    1. I think what you describe is a theocracy: religious decrees mandated by govt. I’m speaking of values to gvt provided by people by their belief system. …more or less….if my people should return to me…I will heal their land….. Thank you for your insight and comment. Appreciated as always.

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