Return to Biblical Principles (We can’t do it)

I have used this phrase myself in terms of expressing how people should reverend values and our God. In fact, I know all of us have heard this term as we hear it a lot.

However, I’m addressing what is more or less never actually expressed:  Just what are Biblical Principles?

Are we going to wear out the THOU SHALL NOT KILL commandment when in many places in the scriptures God tells His people to kill almost anything that moves?

Will we jump on marriage and fidelity and then examine Abraham, David, Solomon and others?

Just what part of the Bible are we going to focus?  What Biblical Principles are we speaking in terms of returning?

Finally, we can look at Jesus.  Which one of His commandments are we going to return?

Are we going to give all our stuff away or sell it and give to the poor?

How about the idea of deserting our parents, taking up our cross and following Him?  Is this the route we will take?

Are we going to be washing feet, or visiting prisons or the homeless or servicing orphans and widows and forgiving and blessing and praying for those who hate us?

My argument is:  how can we return to a place we’ve never been? How can we return to God when we have never been there in the first place?

The fact that the Jews could NOT practice Biblical principles is exactly why Jesus came to this earth and sacrificed Himself for our sake.  We can NOT go to God, lest Christ steps in for us.

Yes, there is NO returning.  There are no Biblical principles we can follow or have followed, all we have is Jesus.

Through Jesus we can have forgiveness and hope and forbearance and mercy and peace and justice and truth and comfort and patience and faith and love.  WE can have all these things through Jesus but nothing by principles as man is too weak to follow anything other than a God who has the capacity to continually forgive.


2 thoughts on “Return to Biblical Principles (We can’t do it)

  1. Very very true Tom.

    This concept though well intended usually, is often the basis for church law. And is a big reason for the mask of phoniness that so often is associated with institutionalized church. A problem that we’re all susceptible to engaging in.

    Love is the main thing we should radiate.

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