Praying Against what another’s for (Imprecated fervor)

At times we face the tendency to pray for things that are in our favor and end up being against the desires of the other.

We could see this as an example of two Christian soldiers of opposite camps praying for victory and then again in other circumstances we could envision our own prayers begging for justice against the bad guys on the other end of the sphere.

Then again we can examine Psalms where David actively prayed against his enemies and remember that David was said to have a heart after God Himself.

Where are we in the midst of this?

Jesus told us to love our enemies and to pray for them.  Jesus has but one real approach to life and that is LOVE.

Now then, I’m not saying that it is all that easy one way or another to know what is right in all situations or occasions.

However, I believe the correct approach is not to insist on OUR WILL but on the will of our Father and for the purpose of truth and the Justice of God.

Friend, we can dance around the issues all we want, but we avoid addressing these critical problems with our sainthood.

If we have members in the military we certainly are backing their efforts to ‘fight’ those against  us here in the states.

Sure, I know we love to quote Paul where he says that governments are installed by God and this then somehow gives us the right to take up military arms, but in the long and short run of it that is NOT what Jesus said.

He said to love our enemies and to bless and pray for them.

Sorry, my own personal response in not as good, but Jesus tells us to obey it nonetheless.

We can wiggle out of it all we want, but we can either obey our Lord or not.

My reason for this post is not only to address it, but also to be honest In our shortcomings.

In viewing Jesus as the model for our own heart and actions, we clearly have a long way to go before we can go anywhere near Jesus in our approach to Him.  Even our prayers which are or should be innocent enough are amiss miss the point: instead our prayers sink or at least miss the mark into sin.


2 thoughts on “Praying Against what another’s for (Imprecated fervor)

  1. Dear brother, well said, and a necessary admonition to the body of Christ. Jesus never called us to take over our government or serve national interests of the nation we live in. If we lived as 95% of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, we would be confused by the warped nationalistic Christianity of America. As we know from the book of Hebrews our nation and kingdom is eternal in the heavens; we are soldiers of His government.

    Thank you for bringing up Romans 13. The inspired passage of the world of God is horribly misused, and there is not justification in it for military or governmental service. There is also no justification for “just war” or self-defense. Romans 13 lines up with Jesus own word’s and life actions. Back in August and September I wrote a series of related articles addressing that specific issue (links included below). Stay close to Jesus my friend-Brother Michael

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  2. It is sooooooooo easy for us Modern American Christians to read Romans 13 as if it is an endorsement of our government. Funny… it’s the anti-big government crowd that does that generally. But anyway, we might do well to keep in mind that God used the Kings of Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon – pagans who were hell bent on ordering God’s world for their own pagan purposes – to discipline Israel in some of the harshest ways.

    This does not invalidate St. Paul’s word on this at all,but should enhance our perspective a bit. “Government does not bear the sword for nothing”. The statement is not an open ended endorsement of all goverment. It does not endorse Hitler’s Nazi Germany at all. But it dose suggest rather sternly that God wants his world ordered on the one hand, and that he will use government to do it – even government we may or may not see as godly.

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