Some are easier to Love than others (Some are simply a pain in the butt)



In some Christian circles you’ll hear the proverbial adage that ‘We love you all.” That is good enough for whatever it means, but truthfully, some people are simply easier to love than others.

I will admit:

I have a difficult time loving murderers, liars and thieves.

It is extremely hard for me to love ISIS or others who intentionally and systematically kill others for terror.

In fact, a snotty nosed brat is difficult for me to love to include others.  The truth is:  I really don’t love all people.  I’m simply not there yet.

No, I don’t mean for harm to come to other people, but for some, let’s just say that I don’t lose sleep over in their demise.  Bin Laden comes to mind on that for on his death, I wasn’t exactly upset.

Once again, as I maintain in other posts, it’s really a matter of being accurate and honest with our personal spirit.

Don’t say that you love all people when you don’t.

For if you say you love all: it means…well, it simply doesn’t mean a thing for there’s nothing to give manifest to its true identity. In other words, since no action is involved it’s merely loose and empty words.

Yet, when brass comes to tacks, we do love some.  Some we love more than others and some we simply don’t even think about and for still others we detest.

So then, our attempt then should be to reach out just a little more than we did the day before in attempts to love the unloveable.  We should strive and pain ourself to the point where we go beyond who we are to yield the love Jesus taught us to love.

Face it.  We aren’t exactly easy to love either and Jesus loves us anyway, loved us first while we were yet still sinners.  Thus we are to copy his example and extend ourselves outward in the aim and goal of bringing more people into the company of those who are easily lovable.  And we do all that with the love in our hearts that we have for Christ.  In that way we can in fact do unto others the same.


8 thoughts on “Some are easier to Love than others (Some are simply a pain in the butt)

  1. Breaker 1-9, that’s true Tom.
    And this is one example of why I enjoy reading your articles.
    You often speak what we’re already thinking, but you don’t come across as arrogant, (as some others do when they try to communicate the same thing).

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    1. Thank you, Lee. I attempt to communicate the obvious: however, the obvious is not being addressed by the church. It remains hidden and I believe this is not a good thing. Anyone that’s ever had a baby knows how difficult it can be to love the child at 2 in the morning after a hard days work. Yet, love is required and the baby must be fed and nursed, etc. And this test is even within our own families,much less enemies that don’t love us at all. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it and if I do get arrogant, then I would hope to be called down on it. Thank you again. In Christ. Tom

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    1. I love you,my friend and no, you should not abate your position. I won’t be here long as my fate now is short. Hang in there good friend. You believe in our Lord the same as me. I love you for what you do and wish you to remain in the faith with our Lord for those who have no one. But, no. they have us. We love them and you know it. We can not leave these people who are our family. Just as you, my son. I am old enough to be your father.

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