And you Sat there and didn’t do JACK

Imagine if you and I were outside on a public park enjoying the sunshine and behind me coiled a deadly snake.  Mind you now, the snake is to my back and directly across from you within your keen vision.

And just prior to the snake cocking in launch mode and striking, you turn your head and utter, “God loves you.”

What kind of love is that?  Of course, this is silly as any idiot would know, but then again, let’s assess our Christian mode to unbelievers.

As Christians, do we simply sit back and let the unsaved  go to Hell in a hand basket, or are we proactive and spread the Good News of the Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ?

Isn’t death, hell and the Devil worst than a poisonous Snake? Yet, seeing the danger we hold back are mum and tell the world that God loves them?

I would really hope that if you saw me or anyone in my family in such a perilous situation with imminent doom, you’d speak up and declare the NAME OF THE LORD for our salvation. I would hate to think you’d only sit back and fail to do anything at all, failed to do JACK.

4 thoughts on “And you Sat there and didn’t do JACK

  1. Right on brother! The Love of God IS paramount in our witness to the unbeliever…but the message, “Repent…for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”, along with some hell, fire, and brimstone should come first! If they can feel the flames, and smell the smoke first…and then find out about the LOVE of God who sent His only Son to save them from that…that’s the warning that will SAVE them from their sins! Keep on preaching brother! -anita

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