Authority and Power or Authority or Power

Handing someone the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven is a major charge and as Christians that’s one of the greatest authorities we tend. Many people of great authority also harbor great power.  Think about it, our task is to secure as many Christian disciples as possible; for those who don’t accept Jesus—their fate is secured by the certain curse of death forever. This is a grave and massive responsibility to weld and oversee.

Power on the other hand is a remarkable force that can serve to heal the sick, the downtrodden, the hungry, the fearful and dejected and many, many other useful blessings.  The trouble with all of this, however—is that somewhere along the line we have fallen down on the job.

Authority:  Some churches here do a remarkable job.  They preach and preach and send missions out all over the world.  Others, have fallen away in that great enterprise of preaching the Good News.

Power:  This area is more or less all but impossible to see at all. The Christian received authority of Jesus and of his Power, but our normal stance is one of ineffective force.  Part of the reason we are ineffective is that we fail to take a stand on anything, thus, under utilizing our faith.

Movement of FAITH generally requires a risk.  This risk is one whereas we apply our FAITH under practical circumstances.  Modern technology and wealth, however have more or less replaced our dependency on God and the consequence is that we rely on man-made devices rather than on God.  Such is the case in modern medicine, food supply, defense such as in the case of war and reliance on our education system over God’s prophets.

Having outline the inherit problem with today’s church we see our authority is basically still within our scope, but the power factor is utterly dismal.

And the truth is that there will never be any credibility with our FAITH until we exercise our authority boldly as a church against a travailing world—all within the realm of our full authority and power that comes with the exercise of Faith and authority.

Until that happens, we will continue our downward plunge with our duties of both Authority and Power together all to the negative effect with Christ.

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