Who is talking to Whom? (Usually not us)

For those who like to straight line talk about Scriptures and quote the absolute authority of the scriptures, the problem, as I see it is that often the quotations are taken out of context. It comes down to who is talking to whom?

Sure, you can quote a scripture say out of Isaiah, and those words are true enough, but are those words directed at us today?  Some are such as in prophecy, but most I believe were for the people of the day.

Wasn’t Jesus talking directly to His disciples when He told them they could ask for anything in His name and He would grant it? Or at another time when two of them should pray as if they were touching it:  it shall be done?

I believe all of these words are true—all of them—every last one.  Only I also believe most of those direction and promises were directed only at the disciples.

And for those who would provide a rebuttal:  Okay, let’s take this easy:  Who in modern days has raised the death such as in the case when Peter performed this miracle?  Who walks on water or heals the sick as explained in the scriptures?

Jesus also said that even greater works than these will be performed—but, but, but and this is the question…when have you ever done them.  And neither have I done any of them either.

The bible is honest and truthful and so is Jesus.  And when we take stuff out of context, we should EXPECT failure.

Most Christians explain all of these things…such as it must be done in His will… etc., but Jesus didn’t say that—He said the desires of our hearts.

So then we have the charlatans who pose as genuine healers or sayers, etc., but they always have process….You are healed yes, they say…you must keep believing it and then over time it will be done.

This is not how Jesus performed miracles.  Use common sense.  Yes, our own positive outlook is an influence for we see negative influences in the scriptures too such as the case by the lame man by the whirlpool.  However, As a complete rule we are told to have FAITH!

As we can see in the scriptures, we see Faith at work with Jesus—here massive change.  Then again we see the paltry effects of our Faith in the absence of Jesus.  Again, we fail more often than not and you know it.  Sure, you’re in our prayers and all of that0—but what does that exactly mean.  I am glad you mean well for me, but this is pretty much in the absence of power.  That was not true with Paul for he came with fear and trembling and with power.

Thus we are left with the power that Jesus told us to arm ourselves with and that is Faith and trust in HIM.  Now I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but in this area most Christians really double-talk with the explanations or else over-promise.  The answer as always lies in the scriptures and in this case it looks to me that it’s a matter of who’s talking to whom.

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