Superstitions of Christians (Some are really funny)

I’ve heard many people believe that nothing should sit on top of a Bible.  It had to be laid down with face up and alone in the home.  Of course, no writing of comments in margins or underlining allowed.

Some in prayer believe if you call upon the ‘blood’ of Jesus that He likes those prayers more and thus, is more apt to answer.

Most of us still repeat “God Bless you.” After we sneeze.

You dare not curse inside the building of the House of God (As if God doesn’t hear you outside the building).

Many believe you can meet a good girl or guy at Church when really, the church is a house of sinners the same as in a bar or other secular place.

Many still believe you have to dress up to impress God at church.  Wow.  I could never get over this one as surely, Jesus would fail this test.

Many (falsely) believe in order to pledge to tell the truth your hand has to be on a bible.  We are told clearly NOT to swear or make an oath at all by Jesus, yet we do the opposite.

There are many other superstitions Christians practice, and tons of which I forget.  I would love to learn of those that you know.



20 thoughts on “Superstitions of Christians (Some are really funny)

  1. Good one bro. Many have even turned what was meant to be sincere giving into superstition. People need to be careful that they aren’t giving or going to church out of ‘superstition’ because they are afraid God will cut off their blessings or something bad will happen. Great post! These are the topics we need to discuss in the Body of Christ.

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    1. Good Going. Lee I did try to friend you on facebook, yet it may be your son. Not sure. I wanted you to know I consider you to be God’s warrior in Print. And all of that is important. Please consider my words and don’t down yourself. You are Not guilty of neglect.

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      1. Thank you my friend Tom. Man did that bless me, and thank you for being kind to me. I’m keeping those words of encouragement you gave to me.

        By the way, I deleted my Facebook account probably a year ago.
        So whoever you found couldn’t have been me. ☺

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      1. Good one Tom.
        That kinda reminds me of that excellent post you wrote the other day. You remember, about the original disciples having the ability to perform all manner of supernatural miracles, whereas our world is living by faith rather than possessing apostolic signs and wonders.

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    1. Hahaha you nailed it. I used to be involved with a Pentecostal church. Every 2 months they would announce:
      “This week we are IN REVIVAL!” Which meant extra services with extra-long worship on Thursday and Friday night. I am now a Calvinist. Go figure .

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      1. Don’t get me wrong; anyone who believes Christ shed His blood on the cross for their sins is my brother or sister. I just got tired of the experience-based hysteria.

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  2. Oh no, I am in trouble. I am sitting here looking at my Bible and on it is a paper towel, my iPhone and my morning cup of coffee.I write in my Bible all the time. I met my ex-husband in church and trusted him because of who I thought he was (pastor, Christian)….big mistake. I wear jeans to church.
    Enjoyed your post…Thanks!

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