I Believe in you (So what? Who Cares?)

Sometimes we make a big deal about how we believe so much in our God.  We act like it’s a biggie.  True enough, in Old Testament Days, it was indeed a biggie to believe in the Almighty, for it seems God spent a great deal of energy trying to get that point across—that He is REAL.

However, we are much more sophisticated than those in the old days.  Why is it a big deal if you say you believe in God or not.  I’m sure you also believe in trees—that they exist.  There are a host of many things we believe in.  Most believe in Cars, in Pizzas, our jobs, or in most facets of science—almost anything.

So then, the belief that one exists is not really a big thing. We are told even the demons believe.

The Biggie then is not in our feeble belief system, but in our love and in our obedience to the words of Christ.

This is all dependent on our trust in our Lord, Jesus.  We must trust Him to manage our life and for us to serve Him—again, by observing His commandments.

Belief then is revealed within our ACTIONS.  Our actions affirm what we say with our lips.  As any fool knows, anyone can say anything, but doing and performing what we say is quite another matter.  So then, the next time someone tells you that they believe in God…Ask them HOW?  The How will explain the truth of the words. The how gives us the reasons to care what you believe.


6 thoughts on “I Believe in you (So what? Who Cares?)

  1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!
    I alluded to this in two posts of mine that were about how to get saved.

    Just believing intellectual information about Jesus, is not the same thing as believing on Jesus.

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  2. What you said is true. But it is becoming more and more popular (esp. among young people) to be atheist. And they’re proud of it as though denying the existence of God is elevating them above God. At the same time, they are very angry at people who do believe in God. The fight is not over.

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