Hide and Go Seek (Come out, come out where ever you are)

In the ancient days, it was really a major chore to find and discover God.  The problem is that no one knew where to look.

He came by route of a messenger than no one recognized.  He came via a burning bush or a rumbling cloud or through the auspices of a donkey.  God came in highly unusual forms and mechanisms. This is not the situation for today’s Christians.

Today, God arrives through Christians.  Yes, he speaks and interacts with His agents of the church to others, person-to-person.

Since our bodies are our temples, our church buildings, we can speak and interact with Christ daily visa vie other Christians. While this is the plain truth it really isn’t pushed that much among other Christians.

Rather, most would employ the notion that God and Jesus are in some ethereal atmosphere, an unseen, invisible world with vague access.

This is not what is taught in the Bible.

Jesus clearly states where two or more of us are gathered in His name, that He is there with us in the midst of us.  This should be simple enough.

Hence, I want or wish to visit with my Lord, all I really need to do is go visit my Christian brother or sister. Jesus is going to be there in the middle.  Thus, there is no need to play any shell game and wonder where Jesus is located.  He is here with us just as he promised until the end of the world.  Jesus is here with us now and forever: always.


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