If I had a 5-minute talk with Jesus (I’d really tell him)

I can imagine a meeting between me and Jesus and during that meeting I had exactly 5 minutes to speak to Him one on one.

It would probably go something like this:

Me:  Jesus, it is so good to see you.

Jesus:  Speak

And then right there is when everything would come to a head.  I know at this very moment, no matter what I said, I’d sound like a complete and total idiot.  Truthfully, I’d be speechless.

Me:  I, I…I….I…..Jesus…

Jesus:  You wanted your chance to talk so speak your mind. Out with it, boy.

Me:  It’s just…I mean…I wanted to let you know….

Once again, I’d be awe-stricken with His presence.  This is another way of saying, I would have no real idea of what to say.  At this point, I’d really like to listen.

Jesus:  During all these years, you wanted to speak when you should have been listening.  Why do you want to listen now?

Me:  Because having come face to face with you, I realize how little, how small I really am.

Jesus:  He laughs:  Most say the same thing once I meet them.  At any rate, our five minutes is up.  I enjoyed our conversation.

Me:  Jesus:  (I shout)  I love you Jesus.

Jesus:  And I love you too.

And so it seems all I had to say amounted to nothing.  Whether I had 5 minutes or 5 hours, the presence of Jesus is humbling.  In those encounters, we learn that it is Him and not us that matters and if anyone should be talking, it is HIM.



4 thoughts on “If I had a 5-minute talk with Jesus (I’d really tell him)

  1. I like this so much. It reminds me of Job meeting God. He wanted to complain about his life, but all he had to do was see God and he was satisfied.

    I’ve sometimes thought about what I would ask Jesus, if I had the chance. I can’t think of a thing. When I don’t understand something in the here and now, I can ask him now, and he answers. It is usually about a verse in the Bible I don’t understand.

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