Jesus wasn’t that much different than you or me

For those of you who follow me, you know I post some controversial posts from time to time.  This might prove to be one of those and this is only for uplifting those who are in hard times or for those struggling to come to grips with your identity with the Lord.

Now to the point:

Physically, Jesus was identical as to you or me.  He was a man; a physical man and nothing more than that on the physical level.

He was born by a slightly different method, but that is all.

And now we begin to enter some degrees of separation.  On the spiritual side, Jesus was perfect and remained perfect as he failed to sin.  This was at least partially due to the fact that he entertained an excellent relationship with Our Father in Heaven.  This spiritual aspect is a remarkable feature as it gave Him the keys over death and His full inheritance to the throne by Our Father.  Yes, it was HIS Father, but He is also OUR Father.

Back again on the physical side, we are not told that Jesus possessed a perfect memory or say, was good in art or in math or anything like that.  We are led to believe that He was normal in every way:  the same as you or me.

These facts should give us HOPE.  WE should have hope for knowing the small separation exists because of spirit and that we can gain access to that same spirit through His gift of the Holy Spirit, we can then see our future with Jesus and with our Father in Heaven.

Thus, Christ the incomprehensive of Jesus becomes comprehensive and so we gain even more hope for our fate as Christians in eventual times after death.  Yet, even here on earth, we can come to know that Jesus struggled with the identical issues we struggle—yet, with Jesus—he never failed.  And that is where we are different.


5 thoughts on “Jesus wasn’t that much different than you or me

  1. “he never failed”

    Tom, my definition of controversial must have broadened somewhere down the the road 🙂

    I wonder – in a five minute conversation – it would be worth asking Jesus if he even recognised “failing” – even knew what “failing” was? And I wonder if we make ourselves different rather than we are different. And I have never understood why we would want to do that.

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  2. Amen. I like to point our how the disciples were mostly fishermen from a small town, probably a bit rough around the edges, men in all their messy glory. We’d probably toss a few of them out of our churches today 🙂

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