What part of the Bible is it that you believe?

Some of us affirm that we believe all parts of the Bible (every word of it) equally.  And I say that we should question what parts of the Bible do we believe?

I believe we believe some parts of the bible more equally than the others.

Some pastors really believe in the tithing process.  They say that they do, but I haven’t seen any sacrifice process or priest carry it out at any of my local churches.  Not me.

Who has stoned their kid recently over them raising their hand at a parent?  Most don’t follow this anymore, but when it comes to homosexuals, we love to quote that one.

How many of us join in where Jesus tells us to forgive?  Are we straight up and down on this one, or are there some of us that are hold outs?

Sure, when it comes to groups like Isis or the Nazis we’ll forgive them alright just as soon as we kick their butts.  After all of this is over, then we’ll forgive them and write it down in our history books as such.

So where am I going with all of this?  I’m going with it in such a way that we don’t generally really believe all of the stuff that we say that we do.  No, not really.  Some love to announce this at the top of their lungs, but it doesn’t make it any more true.

I believe the real truth is that some believe parts of the bible more than others and that some equal passages are more equal than others.  And I believe this from others by what I see.  My eyes are indeed very bad, but I am not yet blind


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