The Elements of Crime (Tell me it ain’t so)

Ask anyone:  Poverty causes crime.  Bad Childhood experiences causes crime.  Low education causes crime.  Mental illness causes crime.  Hell, even the Devil causes crime.

We see and hear all of the above excuses and even more as the true causes of crime.  If you don’t believe it, open any popular psychology or sociology book and verify these modern popular truisms. Yes, we can even blame our behavior and at times we do, on simply due to the fact that we are human.  Humans are flesh and flesh=Sin or evil (according to some).

Jesus said the desires of our heart dictate what we do.  My own experiences confirm this and then again, we have logic.

If poverty causes crime why do some rich people commit crimes?  Why don’t we see some countries with extreme poverty as crime stricken?  The Philippines come to mind here.  Some with extremely difficult childhoods achieve remarkable lives and any idiot knows mental illness does not create or cause crime.  Finally, the devil can’t make you do Jack, so what are we left with?

We are left with conscious decision.  We created crime because we choose to just as we choose to do anything else.

It is the same with sin.  Sin is NOT forced upon us.  We choose to sin which is why also we can choose not to sin.

Hence, modern theory of causality has its great failures.  Explaining sin is one of those failures.  On these lines, this is Christ’s specialty.  It would appear to me, we should agree with God and accept His reasoning for what motivates man.


7 thoughts on “The Elements of Crime (Tell me it ain’t so)

      1. Brother. I am poor by chose. Look back in the 60s I was a community Organizer and marched along with the others. People back then were from the Old school and special. While my kids are mixed, the blacks I knew back in those days were the most respective people on earth. The gangs have changed the perception of that, but still, many are still hanging in there. I’ve listen to all this crap about what is and what is not and they are all wrong. Jesus was right and the Bible is right and I don’t care who disagrees with me. We have the proof in the living, i.e., in what we see. Sin causes crime and that is the passion from the heart.


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