Unsung Hero: the Holy Spirit

While much attention is placed on God as our creator and Jesus, our Savior, hidden in the corridors is the Holy Spirit.

Prior to Jesus, access to the Holy Spirit was limited, limited only on certain occasions or only by the high priest.  Jesus changed all of that by the gift of the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. And while many if not most Christians teach of the trinity, the equal status of the Holy Spirit is undermined. The Holy Spirit is not mentioned by Christians often.

The power of the Holy Spirit or the person of the Holy Spirit is one of the free gifts Jesus gave us upon His death or immediately afterward.

Jesus promised the indwelling of this spirit as his mechanism of remaining within us and always being with us in His spirit.

Okay, this post is not concerning the theology of the Holy Spirit as I think all Christians agree ‘he’ or it exists.  In fact sinning against the Holy Spirit is the one sin we cannot be forgiven for so indeed, the Holy Spirit is up there with our Lord.

And since it is up there we should be calling upon it much more frequently than probably we do.

But we can ask: do we pray to the spirit?

Yes, this is NOT a trick question.

We can ask the same…do we pray to Jesus?  Or better Yet, do we worship Him as such?  Good questions indeed.

Now this can be very sloppy and I don’t wish to get into semantics:  We do pray to our Father as Jesus taught by asking in Jesus’ name as the Holy Spirit within us pleas for and on our behalf.

Upon this I’ll probably get a ton with many quoting scriptures back and forth and I can do the same, but I don’t think it helps the situation at all.

What I am saying is that we should be calling upon the power, the force of the Holy Spirit more by first: affirming the existence and appreciating it as a gift of God as provided by Jesus after his ascension.

The Holy Spirit is a pure, holy and wonderful present.  And it is by that same spirit that makes YOU so special as well.  Whereas your ordinary self is corruptible, your Holy Spirit is not and cannot be corrupted. And it is that special spirit in you that we can love and forgive and desire fellowship with and one that transforms and heals and possesses faith and patience and kindness and is gentle—all of the wonderful attributes of God Himself. So then, yes we should speak up for our unsung Hero—the Holy Spirit and bring all of the gifts of Jesus into focus and remembrance.  Our souls depend on it forever.


8 thoughts on “Unsung Hero: the Holy Spirit

  1. Recently, because I have felt overcome with emotion about some things, I have asked for the Holy Spirit to pray for me. I cannot find the words, so it gives me joy the Holy Spirit intercedes for me with groaning.

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  2. I wrote a book called “The Holy Spirit: 592 Verses Examined”. I don’t believe in picking out just our favorite scriptures on a subject. Get it all. Then we don’t have to guess. In my investigation, I had a few surprises, especially how much God’s Spirit worked in Old Testament times. Fascinating study.

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