When God doesn’t Know

As a teacher I’ve observed some brilliant teachers as they were exasperated with their students in their failure to understand or learn.  This is especially true with otherwise genius math teachers.  Math was so easy for them, they find it hard to understand why others don’t learn it as quickly as they did.

And so it was true with our Lord, Jesus when it came to matters of faith.  We see this in the boat during the storm, or once again, in the boat in the experience on walking on water and again and again in other circumstances.

Confounded, Jesus exclaims, “You of so little faith.”  Or “How long must I be with you…?”

We see Jesus’ great irritation with normal people and his obvious desire to exit this world and be with His Father.

I realize that it is generally taught that God knows everything and that Jesus does as well.  However, in this case, I don’t think Jesus knew all of this nor God.  In fact, I believe one of the reasons Jesus came in the flesh as God wanted to know what it was like to be human as he didn’t know.

Regardless of beliefs, we find ourselves too whereas we are impatient with those who fail to catch on as we do.  Some lessons seem clearly so easy, yet we see some who stumble over an issue over and over again.

I see it as we all have our particular weaknesses and the learning curve can be extremely steep, long and hard.

However, viewing Jesus as the example—yes, we see where it was at times ‘short’ with others for lack of faith.  Yet, he did NOT give up on them as a result.  No, he slowed down, often backtracked and explained himself.  We should follow his example and be patient with those of whom we wish and desire the very best.


3 thoughts on “When God doesn’t Know

  1. Good mornin Tom. ☺
    You can rest confidently that Jesus knew all things when He walked the earth. There’s nothing that God doesn’t know.
    Look here for example when Jesus was explaining His death and resurrection to His disciples in John 16.30
    “Now we are sure that thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask thee: by this we believe that thou camest forth from God.”

    Good mornin and God bless you brother.

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    1. Almost. Jesus didn’t know the end of time. Look. I believe he can know all things but apparently chooses not to know some things. Jesus was surprised many times and marvelled. In fact, it would suck to know everything always.

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    2. Also, my good friend, Lee. Have a very excellent New Years with your family. I hope and pray good health for all. Thank you for your friendship this past year and I look for the continuation of that in the future. God bless you.

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