It was never supposed to Happen that way

Isn’t this more or less the story of our lives?  Didn’t things turn out unexpectantly, different than how it was supposed to?

Some of us got deterred by work, others by war.  Some by marriage and than a family.  Some of us went by the wayside and were distracted. Some got sick or disillusioned. By and by whatever future envisioned for us then turned out differently in reality.

This appears to be the norm.  I remember a study I read some years ago demonstrated that in excess of 80% of the valedictorians in high schools—-twenty years later, these premium elitists were unemployed.

Somehow man has a way of side-stepping our true future.  It simply seldom works out the way we expect.

Apparently God’s destiny permeates our lives in mysterious routes that are unforeseeable to the naked eye.

I know many who believed they missed great opportunities to be excelled athletes, or scholars or artists or business leaders—the list goes on and on.  Many could have been many different things if only things had worked out.

The same could be said also for a man named Saul who later was named Paul.  Things were more or less going his way until he was stopped in his tracks.

And for our blinding moments, we can praise God who intervened for us as now is not a time of bitterness of the past, but one of rejoicing.

There is no need to curse a past that was wrong from the beginning.  And how do we know it was wrong?  We know this as Jesus points to us a different way.  His way.

And once we are on that way…we no longer regret our past. Instead we only see a strong future. And within all those elements of change, we know and accept that never should any of this happened this way.  Jesus and all his designs found another path—another design to guide us into this world and it was meant to be this way from the beginning—not how we thought we were to go that was wrong.


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