Reinventing the Wheel and btw, God loves you

Don’t you just love it as long as you are toting the party line and spit out whatever has always been doted out, that you are fine and without any confrontations? That is most definitely true for some bloggers and writers of Christian thought?

If all one is going to really do is write what has already been written, then why bother?  Why reinvent the wheel?  Why not simply find junk from others and spit out their garbage instead?

We see this from many preachers in their sermons.  Yes, they’ll change a word here or there but really, it’s the same old diatribe with a new coat of paint.

Day in and day out you hear this same old crap.  It doesn’t help and there is nothing new there.  Sure, they say it’s revelation knowledge but there is nothing revelatory about it.

And the reason this is all tripe is because it is not based on personal experience.  It is nothing more than an intellectual exchange that happened thousands of years ago.  What good is that?  Is this what we call leadership?

Is this leading by example?  Clearly not.

In presenting our message of the Gospel, it should be genuine, fresh and new. That is exactly how Paul did it and why he was so successful.  I’m not speaking about large numbers of church members, I’m speaking of God fearing Christians.

And if we want that, it will not be because we are repeating the doctrines of what we have heard, but because of our relationship of all the new with Jesus.  And when this happens, there is no longer a btw, God loves you.  We instead are engage in the active life process of Jesus full time.


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