When what you are really doing is just running your mouth

Don’t you just love all those who declare, “We just love you.”  “You are a member of our family.” Etc.

Some of these same people have no idea where you live, your friends, and neighbors or actually know nothing about you at all, but yes, they love you and if they really want to impress you, they’ll add—they agape love you.  Sure, that makes it so much more powerful and effective.

Probably most of these people mean well, they simply haven’t actually thought out what it is they are saying—in effect, they are just running their mouth.

To say that they love you means that it sounds good.  In times like that, they’ll call you Brother or Sister as if somehow we became elevated in status together.  And if they really want to score brownie points, they’ll refer to you as ‘Man of God or Spirit man’. We all know that spirit man is a current and popular term to describe those who belong and are special—in particular to God.

As I’ve actually written, many times before: these are feel good terms but in reality, they mean nothing. And they mean nothing because they are not rooted in action and in deeds, but are words only and maybe even be used for a glowing report on all the virtues of a committee.

So then, you are either trying to impress me with your words, or else you are providing service to God’s Children. Sorry, but I don’t see it any other way.

We have extensive libraries filled with good books written by ‘expert’ Christians.  In all of that, we should have many, many accounts on which to brag as it became revealed in action. The truth is: however, we are no futher down the line than before.  WE have been too busy jawboning our intelligence where nothing gets done and in the end, we are simply running our mouths


3 thoughts on “When what you are really doing is just running your mouth

  1. Well said. Empty promises and feel good words are not very helpful. Although speaking some kindness over people goes a long way, so we should keep doing that, but love has a substance to it, it is tangible like a verb. The Lord fed people lunch, He invited them in.

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  2. This is plain truth and well-said.

    We started a study on the fruit of the Spirit and what struck me immediately was God’s desire for us to both show and speak love. Yet… Speaking love without showing it is fruitless. It’s helped spur me into more action.

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