People can be a little Strange

In the past year, over 42,000 Americans died from an opioid overdose. Another 40,000 deaths will occur in the United States as a result of auto accidents. And as appalling as these deaths are, what is even more alarming is that we are not particularly concerned about the deaths. Oh, no.  As a matter of fact, Americans will readily accept the demise of people, but would rise up in a heartbeat over so-called bad language.  THAT—is NOT acceptable. What a farce.

The funny thing about it: so-called bad words are arbitrary and more or less, subjective. Even though one could say that we stepped in Boo Boo and would not raise any eyebrows, the intent is still the same.  True also, all it really expresses are bodily functions of one type or another.

Some even describe anatomical impossibilities, but nonetheless, no matter how absurd…..remember, killing someone is acceptable, bad language is not.

So then, when one slams a ball peen hammer on one’s finger, one should only yell out, “All poo poo.”  Yep, that’s what we should do. NO other word or words will substitute for it without smacking of foul language.

I find this rather strange what we are willing to tolerate.  Death is okay as long as it’s framed within certain words.  It seems that for most people their entire reality is framed around a set use of words. And for all of that:  I think this is even more than a little strange.  I find this to be a whole lot of weird.


2 thoughts on “People can be a little Strange

  1. It’s because we live in a world that has 3 standards… 1) No Standards (aka Worldly standards); 2) Double Standards (a mix between worldly and Godly standards); and 3) Godly Standards – the right way to live. People are quite ironic in many ways in that they pick-n-choose which ones are worth crying for…. *I shake my head at these*. It should be obvious on the surface of things that if we maintained Godly standards, there’d be less chaos in the World. – Sherline.

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  2. Yes, it’s hard to keep priorities straight sometimes.

    In regard to the language issue, there is a difference between cursing the Lord and using other forms of “bad language”. Even if the Lord’s name is not being abused, so many (younger) people talk like sailors. They are disrespecting themselves in a terrible way.

    Nightshade130 has got it right. Someone has said that when a society rejects the guidance of the 10 commandments, then it will increasingly “make up its own rules about morality” and then enforce them without mercy.

    God help us.

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