When Always is not Forever

This is especially true for those who are married.  Promises are made and by conservative counts, about 50% of American marriages end in divorce. Many of those remarry and yes, many end up divorces again.

Without going into it, all uttered vows for always and all ended up going their separate ways.

Towards the end of Jesus’ ministry when most disciples were fleeing out of fear, Jesus spoke the most horrid of words imaginable.

“Will you also go away?”
Can you take that to the bank?  For people like you or I who say, who declare and avow that we are loyal Christians, probably aren’t any different to Jesus than we are to our mates.

Oh, yes, of course, we say we are different.  Sure, we do.  And then again we more than likely told our mates that we were also different, that we were true blue forever.

Consequently, it looks like “FOREVER’ is not a very long time for humans.  And where we feel sorry for Peter in his trying time of denial, we are right behind him, seemingly taking turns in our denial of everything.

And so the realist sums it up when we ask for an accounting in what we say:  and in their reply they tell us, “They are only words and our words don’t mean a thing.”

How true of this is it of you?  What category of all of this do you fit?  My hunch is that you are no different than the rest of us.  As a person—you are, well—GUILTY in vast contrast for the grace of Jesus provided by the suffering on the cross. And thus, whereas with people the only element exists that is eternal are our sins, and with Jesus—the exception of total forgiveness.  And with Jesus the one person where His words are FOREVER and that is a long time.



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