When Words Just don’t cut it

There are times when grief and pain are just so great that mere words actually create obstacles rather than relief.  Anyone who has been in real agony knows that well-meaning words of comfort are unwelcomed when deep suffering Is endured.

Sure, we have such a need to ‘fix’ it when only a deep hug or clutch of the hand would suffice.  In moments like those, human-to-human contact is needed to establish a better pivot point of reality.

And that is exactly why we have such a need for a ‘earthly’ Christ.  I say earthly as Christ wasn’t in spirit only.  He walked here in the flesh and recognized the need for physical contact with people.

And when we find ourselves crying out to God, in actuality we are really asking God to reach out and ‘touch’ us. During those times words really don’t mean much…they don’t mean much at all.

In these dramatic, critical times people more or less are in a fettle position.  We are vulnerable, child-like and fearful.  While we might desire the sound of comforting words, we are really paranoid, and distrustful over matters that sound ‘too human.’  You see, we want better—we want God.

So then, when visiting at the hospital or at funerals or during other moments of crisis, attempt to speak few words.  Instead, indulge your self to physically reach out and embrace your brother or sister. Here, the healing power of your contact is worth far more than simple words.  Here, your presence is a gift that soothes—that calls upon the forces of the almighty and whose influence eradicate the awesomeness of excruciating pain.


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