FREEZE-FRAME God (A moment in Time)

For those of us who are not exactly photogenic, a single snapshot can do a very poor job of portraying who we actually are.  The entire idea that you take a holistic person, freeze them for just an instant and then say we have a reproduction of that person is more than silly.

And so we do the exact same with God, at times. For study purposes we’ll at times extract nothing but a tiny portion of an important event or Scripture and then declare it to be the words or character of God.

Horrors for the end result is a distorted view of God.  Try as we might to package God and put Him into a small box simply doesn’t work.  As the same as with people, a holistic approach must be performed. True, that freeze-frame is God, but it is not all of God.

God, per se is to be embraced.  Jesus provided the mechanism for embracing the father as we have the physical person of Jesus to focus on. However, to take one small portion, a tiny slice out of God, as wonderful as it is, only serves to limit God or at least the total Character of Him in all his amazing capacities.

Even when we approach God, we desire to be viewed in our entirety, not on a small sample of time. While a photo of us when we are kids would be true (it is us), it is in another way, no longer true for we are no longer that child.

And so it is equally true that we are no longer the same person from moment to moment, as time continues to change us forever.

The suggestion then is to attempt to see God for ALL His glory and not stop at one precious moment in time.  And to do that we must embrace His son, Jesus—the Son of God.  At that gap, that moment in history, we have access to all of Him and all of us—all at one time.  In that process of that spiritual circle, we have it all and all at once forever.


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