Who do they think THEY are?

Do you ever feel small as a result of the constant banter over celebrities? Even if a family member gets sick or dies, it somehow makes headline news.  The same is true with their nauseous political comments.  They speak as if they had great authority or and as if we actually cared what they thought.

Often times they’ll delight in us knowing their stage names, real names and even family members and names for their dogs and cats.  Think about all this hogwash for a moment.

They take great offense if you don’t know who they are, but then again, do they have a clue who you are?

Do you think they even care?

But then again it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is if God has your name and if whether or not it’s written in the Book of Life. I imagine that God knows your full name at baptismal for He even knows the number of hairs on you head—that how much He cares for you.

As for the others?  Who gives a rat’s—they don’t care about you…all you can do is  PRAY for them and BLESS them as they are lost in their misguided values. You are important if for no other reason that the fact that God believes you are important.  And you are important also the Kingdom of God and that makes you important to the rest of us.

And while you may not be a celebrity among people you are a WARRIOR to God.  And what you are to God is what’s important.  For when it comes to God, it does matter what He thinks.  And it also matters to Him who you are.


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