Limitations of Friendship (Another time when life Sucks.)

We have all been there before. Here we were: all for one and one for all and forever and then—yep, it happened.  We were no longer friends.

Perhaps not to the extreme as such, but we see the same thing with Paul and Barnabus.  They departed each other in disagreement.

Remember now, these are the same people who will preach all there is no know about unconditional love, but as you grow older you know there are many limitations of friendship.

And that’s why we learn to depend of Jesus. Jesus will NEVER betray you.  He will never desert you and will ALWAYS be there for you as a friend.

The really only conditions Jesus places on you are that you believe and trust in HIM.  That’s not really a tall order.  It may be difficult but not outrageous.

Where we will experience rejection with our mates, and close friends and even relatives, Jesus will be there hanging right there in with you.  He’ll hang in there even when you are worth it.  But, what do I mean by that?

When we are out there roaming around, messing up big time and screwing up everything—Jesus is nearby. And he remains nearby because of his massive quality of GRACE.

At that point in your life, you may be the most miserable person on earth and not worth a dime, but Jesus remains.

When everyone else flees and at times, they leave for a good reason—Jesus is there when we call upon His Holy name.

Yes, we can grieve His most Holy Spirit and he will sadly leave, but for a little while.  In actuality, Jesus is always willing for us to return and so you see, it’s not really that God is leaving us, but we are the ones who  leave HIM.

So in exploring all the limitations of people, we should assess the strengths and value of our relationship with our only real true friend.  All of this can be reduced down to one word——-JESUS.


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