Prophets of Old (Can’t speak today)

Christians have mostly tied the hands of any real prophets.  If we were to go back in time and look at the ancient prophets such as Isaiah, Elijah or Jeremiah, or others, then they wouldn’t be allowed to speak—their words would be forbidden.

It would be said that their visions and words and prophecies were outside the ‘Word of God.’  Case closed.

Likewise, this is akin to saying that a Christian shouldn’t pray either as God will not be permitted to speak outside of the ‘written word.’

And then by that identical logic, if everything is already in the Bible then there surely is no need for prayer for anything new.  The reasoning here behooves me.

I wonder if Paul had a limitation on him?  Perhaps not for there was no New Testament at the time.  And even then 70% of it was written by him, so thus, he would be free to say most anything. In fact, he could simply quote himself.

This is of course, all so very silly.  Yes, discernment is the key to all of this and yes, knowing what is and what isn’t is most difficult.

However, whenever we box the Lord in with our system of rules and regulations, we are going to suffer problems.  These rules are man-made and nothing more.  And yes, I’ll get a host of ‘lawyer’s who’ll spit out the doctrine that tells  me otherwise and yes, I know the so-called rules as it is interpreted, but it is only just that: opinion. However, the guys by in the days were also busy telling the prophets that what they said wasn’t God either.  Jesus said that many suffered death as a result.  Somehow I don’t suppose too much has changed. It comes down to the fact that no one really wants to hear from God.


8 thoughts on “Prophets of Old (Can’t speak today)

  1. I agree that God is still speaking to us. There are still Prophets, Apostles, Pastors and Preachers. The Word is still alive. It is unfortunate that many churches “don’t get it.”

    Thanks for getting the word out.

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  2. “It comes down to the fact that no one really wants to hear from God.”


    I wonder if it possible, by reading the bible, to be distracted by the perception of numbers. The 5000 fed a few crumbs and fish scales who went away happy! The healings. the teachings. The perception of “volume” – yet in reality still a small percentage of the whole. I wonder if we worry more about numbers much more than the God we don’t hear.

    Jesus seemed content to sew a few seeds and then consider his work done. The twelve were picked off one by one as well. Yet …


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      1. I think we all express that desire. Yet (that post about road deaths and “accepted” deaths) suggests that the reality of free-will can desire other things as well?


      2. I think the real idea is what we celebrate. We LOVE our slaves, the CAR. It has become an idol. Any death can suck, of course, but we ACCEPT death from a car. If you die from a car, well that is okay. Drugs are cool too, and if you die from that you are a hero. But then again, give an inch to the Lord. No. The one time recorded where God did speak loud and clear. They begged for him to shut up saying His voice was too terrible. They asked God and Moses to go to the other side of the mt to speak. Nothing has changed and it hasn’t changed because we still want God to do it all and want Him to do it in silence.


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