Is it Right to Feed a Starving Child?

Right here at the beginning, I’ll answer this stupid question.  Hell, Yes, it’s right to feed a starving child! It is always right.

But what if that child is the child of an enemy?  What if that child grows up to become a mass murderer or even worse, a dictator and tyrant?

What is if that child is homeless?  What if the child is ungrateful?  What if they are of a different language, color, nationality or religion?

And the question could so easily be turned around:  what if that child were yours?  What if it weren’t even a child, but it was


Okay, I just answered the question about the merits of feeding the homeless.  Even with Jesus when feeding the 5,000, he didn’t ask a series of questions nor did he give them some stupid questionnaire to determine their eligibility.  No, he simply fed them was all.

And he fed them for He, above all people knew it was right to feed those who are hungry.  I am always amazed when I hear discussions that oppose feeding those who are without.  It is always right to feed a Child and it is always right to feed anyone else who is hungry.


4 thoughts on “Is it Right to Feed a Starving Child?

  1. Such an awesome post. Self righteous indignation will cause a lot of people to believe it’s ok to put stipulations on the things we are suppose to do. Things that are “right” to do. I have had this conversation SO many times.

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  2. Well, again, I agree Tom. In fact, I just taught on a similar theme a few Sunday school lessons ago. Immediately some chimed in with all of the standard worries. Are they being honest about their motivations? Are they just trying to rip us off? I shared what the Bible teaches, and now it’s up to God.

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