Conversations with God during the Storm

How many of you have ever gone outside during a terrible thunderstorm simply to hear the voice of God?  Sure, I know when I go out there He’s not really talking to me personally, but then again, nothing can compare to the power and force of the elements during those times.

When those electrified lightning bolts zig-zag back and forth the way they do and those dark grey clouds thunder, roar and moan, one can’t help but feel overpowered with awe for the wonderful creator.

And when I pray for rain on those hot dry days, again, I like to think it is God who sends it to me. Oh, I am not proud.  I know he sends His weather to the good and bad alike, but it doesn’t matter.  I’d like to think He did it all for me.

In moments like that, I like to believe God is talking to me, making me give pause with wonder and with gratitude.  I like to think God is speaking personal epigrams to me and that all is well.  And during moments like that, I even forget the danger of the storm.  I forget those mighty bolts are 10 times hotter than the surface of the sun and that they could take me out at any more.  I forget the danger and concentrate on our Maker and His son, Jesus. During those sweet times, nothing on earth seems better than that small but exciting experience with God while His storm dances in the rain.


3 thoughts on “Conversations with God during the Storm

  1. There has been a couple of times when its been raining and I have prayed asking that God would stop it just so I could avoid getting wet! It has stopped a number of times and I would love to think that God was blessing me.

    I wont watch a storm the same way though after reading this

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