Cashing in Your Chips (When to Call it quits)

As I’ve written before, the old adage that God doesn’t give you more than you can bear is simply not true.  God will not give your more TEMPTATION than you can bear and that is what the scriptures say.

There are many times when you can be overwhelmed and stricken low and poorly. Times when you can take on too much:  We see this with Moses and once he melted out his duties, it because bearable and doable once again.

We are not Super-human and can do but so much and in times when it becomes too much, we need to cash in our chips.  Of course, there is no easy way to know some times.  Sometimes we have to remain stubborn and ornery touch.  During times like that we can hang on with a tenacity that appears impossible.

At other times we must capitulate, rest and attack again on another day.

There should be no guilt if you are overtaken in a quest.  Guilt should be assigned only if we fail to attempt our course at all.

We can look to David, when oftentimes he had to retreat—months at a time prior to him campaigning his path forward.  At one point, he hid in cave for 6 months.

This doesn’t mean you should quit over the first sign of difficulty.  Not at all.  It simply means there are times when you can concede and lose the battle in an effort not to lose an entire war.


6 thoughts on “Cashing in Your Chips (When to Call it quits)

  1. Well said and for me hard to do. For some reason I want to persevere no matter what. It ends up consuming way too much time / effort. There is a season for everything. Maybe just not now.

    As always, thanks for the insight. Very helpful to me.

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  2. I think you have hit a common nerve here, Tom. I am a type A on steroids. I tend to assume that the world can’t possibly really word at full potential unless I am putting my thumb on it. Almost did me in about a month ago, in fact. The Lord taught me an important lesson there. What I learned is that, if I am going the things He wants, He will provide the strength. As I said in a post I wrote on it….when I go rogue He makes no promises and will just let me suffer the consequences. Good message here.

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