Isn’t it Cute?  (Another round of the Easter Bunny)

It’s bad enough that Christians ‘sell out’ over Santa Claus during the Christmas season and turn it into an enterprising adventure, yet Easter has even a more special focus—the focus on the Cross and the resurrection.

Here is it the way it is:  I am just as you are and love the Christmas Season and consider it special.  The same is true with Easter, even with that silly bunny and eggs.

However, we all know this has NOTHING to do with proclaiming the Gospel, and nothing to do with Christ with the introduction of gift-giving, Santa and that Bunny.

Face it, brothers and sisters.  We have sold out.  Many have done the same over Halloween.

All I am saying is that now that our society has grown so secular, we now should find this era to begin pushing back and establishing our own identity as Christians and as the body of the Church.

Pushing back means we do not go into the frenzy as out of control consumers and that we walk away from the nonsense of the tree, Santa and with Easter:  the eggs and bunnies.

Sure they are cute and sure it is all part of our American Culture today.  And as much as all of this is true, it doesn’t make it right.  I encourage us all today to erect and to establish our new culture and that identity is Christ and Christ alone.


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