What Would This World Be Like Without YOU?

Because of you, the Christian, we are surrounded by the very presence of the Holy Spirit.  Because of you, our harsh world possesses a gentleness, projects compassion and concern in an otherwise immoral earth.

Without you, there is a cold, cold void.  Without you, even the warmth of the sun grows pale, and without you and in an uncaring world, there is hunger, hatred, unforgiveness, pestilence of grudge wars, and envy and strife and jealousy and bickering and the total absence of love.

Without you, I see a world with hope, without faith, without value, without forgiveness, without forbearance of anything good. Without you, you who are the millions of comfort, the millions of torch bearers, of announcers of good news, you who often think you are such small significance, are the substance of holiness remaining of earth.

Without you, the worst of the worst would be upon us, as without you, there is no Christ on this Earth.  For you are that presenter here on this earth through His body that completes the composition of God’s total love for mankind.

Without you, the savor of salt, the mainstay of Jesus as we know him on this planet, is absent and so too, the light of just reason.  Without you, there would be no tomorrow.  All that would remain would be the sum total of yesterday.


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