The Virtue of White Lies (I promise: I’m telling the truth)

Somehow or another, someone in ancient times came up with the concept of the ‘white lie’.  In this case, race is not attached to the term, but the ‘white’ idea represents or denotes ‘purity’.  Yeah, right.

Alright now, here is the rift.

WE ALL DO IT.  Sure we do.  We lie more often than not and some of us even do this out of the kindness of our hearts.

Look no man in his right mind is going to tell a girl that she’s overweight in a dress when she asks him for his opinion.

Not at all.  Any man with any sense at all is going to lie in order to remain out of trouble, or at least in attempting to be kind to the girl.

There are many other such incidents too.  Another example: “How are you doing today?”  One person asks.

For one, the person is lying as they don’t really want to know.  Second, we are not going to tell them our wife just left us or any other such bad stuff so we reply in kind, “Fine.  How are you?”

Such is the world of lying.

Now then, some would explain that the above situation is not really lying at all.  Okay, I’ll buy some of that.

But, then again, most people would love for us to believe that in TELLING THE TRUTH that we must be harsh and cruel.

“I was only saying the truth!” they insist.

Why isn’t just telling the truth something good?  Or is that a lie as well?

As people we are left with a quandary for you see it appears we are almost incapable of telling the truth.

And if for no other reason alone that is why we must depend on Jesus.  We must lean on Him as we are too weak and imperfect of anything that resembles goodness and would rather lie than remain quiet.  Finally, only out of our lips should we profess that Christ is the Son of God, our savior who died for us:  and Folks—I promise that is no lie.


2 thoughts on “The Virtue of White Lies (I promise: I’m telling the truth)

  1. Thanks for getting me thinking this morning. It is indeed a big fur ball to figure out what to do.

    Of course, Jesus is the truth and we can speak to him.

    I’m just thinking out loud here. I wonder if it is something like this.

    How are you doing? “I’m not having the best of days but Jesus has promised that everything is going to work out for my good” Does that make sense? I thought that might what you are suggesting.

    Be blessed.

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