For most of us church goers who were raised by the church, we learned a multi-layer system of mores and rules to abide by. Of course, all ‘good’ church people go by these rules and they are all installed even to this day.

At another point, they preach about Paul.

No, they say, we are NOT under the law.  Then they throw about 5,000 or so rules at you to abide by.

Many call this Christianity.

And it all works more or less until we see one preacher after another fall, and church members go by the wayside. It works until we examine the true role of the church and find we are failing and failing miserably.

For a person like me, following the rules suck.

In fact, for many, I don’t even try as I know I’m not exactly that straight and narrow type of guy.  I am just me.

Actually, almost everyone is that way.  Those who project such a clean, squeaky image are only good at hiding their dark side.

And no, I’m not saying that rules aren’t important.  Sure, they are important, only that should not be the focus of a Christian.

The focus for a Christian should be on Jesus, on the Father and His Holy Spirit and on loving and giving and forgiving and on doing.

When it comes to the rules, we’re going to screw up on those, sure enough and we should take that for granted.  It’s not like it doesn’t matter, it matters but what matters more is our great task at hand with Jesus.

In the end we will not be judged by a set of stupid rules.  Judgment follows from the heart and should proceed next by what we do that points to our heart.  And our heart should be reflective of only one man and that man is Jesus and with Jesus there are no rules.  I’ll repeat this:  with Jesus there are no Rules, only love.

3 thoughts on “THERE ARE NO RULES !

  1. I agree. The rules that were imposed on me as a young Christian actually kept me from experiencing the fullness of God. It wasn’t until decades later that I came to realize that as a child of God I am so much more free, in Him, than I ever was in church.

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  2. Amazing how the ones who push the “rules” criticize the Pharisees for their rules and how they treated Jesus. They treated Jesus based on their “rules”–and people today do the very same thing…

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