What are our INVESTMENTS?

God, as an equal opportunity type of guy has place vast investments in us.  Through His son, Jesus, he has bet everything on a good long term outlook.  In turn, we too are to invest in His kingdom and actually should gamble it all in the name of Christ.

Many Americans enjoy money mutuals or IRA or a 401K.  Most realize that in senior years, money just might be scare when we are least able to work for it. While there is no such thing as a sure thing, many gamble for the future with these retirement investment accounts.

As Christians we invest by the process of our faith and affirmations.  And while most Christians generally do pretty well in the long term investment as a believer (eternal life), many fall short on short term investments that carry long term consequences.

This lack stems from a commandment given by Jesus of Matthew 25 and 26 where we are to care for those who lack and are in need.

What this means is that we do pretty well when it comes to investing and taking care of our self, but fall short when investing in the flock, the people of the church.

Our investment for others can only be done by word and by deed.  It is the necessary action of caring and demonstrating concern and love and resources and forgiving and showing patience.  There are no short cuts in this process, yet many choose to pay others to serve for them by one program or another.

While there is some merit in directing funds for others to minister, there is no substitute for actually performing God’s work.  Can you imagine asking for God and instead receiving a committee of those who have studied God? I doubt that would cut it when in a dire emergency.

So then, in tending worldly investments, we find ourselves at odds as we are to depend on God and rather than investing for ourselves, we are really supposed to be investing in others. The solution:  there is only one.  And that is to surrender, yield from our own earthy, fleshly ways and adopt the pathway, the spirit of Jesus and minister to the total needs of God’s Church.

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