Going into Huddle

In football, for every play the active team goes into huddle for instructions.  If the team were ever to fail coming out of huddle there would be no action and surely, no game to watch.

So it is also true for the Christian.  The pews within the church are the huddle area and gathering together is the formation.  There the instructions should be given and then the disciples should go into action.

And this is where things get all screwed up.  No football team Is going to stay in the huddle forever and always.  That would be stupid.

Now look at church—how long is the huddle.  For some it is exactly an hour and for others it can go on for hours even.  Yet, does it really require that long for instruction upon which to act?

And then where is the action?  For most, after the huddle, they go home.  Many even go home to watch, yes you got it—FOOTBALL.  LOL

This is all so insane!

One answer is easy enough and that is to remove all the pews or seats from the church so the members would be forced to stand for instruction.  This would certainly shorten the ‘huddle’ process so members would be eager to get moving and doing what Christians should be doing and that is ministering to God’s people.

Watching some Christians are like watching a football game where the players remained in the huddle for three hours, never to go into the play mode.

And as stupid as that image is, that’s exactly what many churches are like today.  WE huddle together into a safety net never to escape the clutches of our comrades.

And within the confines of our huddle (Sunday Worship) no one ever climbs outside the boundary of this inactive stage.  The result is eternal and proverbial stagnation.

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