Judas the SCUMBAG

In this Easter season many are focusing on the events that lead to the cross and resurrection.

At least one man is constantly put on the Hall of Shame for his betrayal and that man’s name is JUDAS.

Let’s examine some of his more unusually noted traits:

  1. Judas was Jesus’ friend.
  2. Judas was in fact an apostle and chosen by Jesus
  3. Insomuch we have the 30 pieces of silver and all that, he ‘DELIVERED’ Jesus to the Jews. This was a necessary and vital component of Christianity.

Too, I state he really didn’t do much more than what we do daily and that is sell out to well, yes—MONEY!

Also along similar lines, we watch End Days movies hoping Christ will return soon and smite our enemies the same as Judas longed in his day.

In other words, we want to see the KING, not the man hung on a tree.  We want the glory and the good guys winning.

So in condemning this most despicable man, Judas, we might also wish to put ourselves into the plot and examine where we are in all of this.

As players, and as Christians I don’t think we’d look much better than any of the Apostles who were with Jesus at the time.

And for any of you who are better than they—okay, if that is true I’ll follow your lead.

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